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What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

Emergency Dentist Milton, ON

Seek medical help immediately. That would be the short and straight forward answer. Try to see your local Milton emergency dentist once you feel the need. If it was late at night or they are not available, it might be a good idea to visit your nearest hospital.

At Trilliant Dentistry, we consider ourselves as your emergency dentist in Milton, ON. If you feel that you need urgent dental attention, don't hesitate to contact us on (289) 851-0307 and we will try our best to see you immediatly.

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The unforgettable visit to the emergency dental clinic

While Sam was coming back home after leaving work, he passed by the local grocery store and picked up some barbecue stuff for the family get together he and his wife Rachel are hosting the next day in their backyard. After parking his car in their driveway, Sam struggled while carrying the large charcoal bag in addition to his work related stack of papers. He totally forgot about the step in front of their house so he tripped, fell down on his face and knocked out his tooth.

Luckily, Rachael was around and she quickly picked up the broken tooth, stored it in a container and rushed him to the nearby emergency dental clinic. While on their way, she called the dentist office and told them that they have a broken tooth emergency and would like to see the dentist immediately.

The receptionist was able to help and Sam’s dentist was able to save the day by reinserting the knocked out tooth into back into its socket. Yes that is possible. While this is a fictional story, a knocked out tooth might be saved if handled properly.

If you want to know more about dealing with broken teeth emergencies, read this article by Colgate.

So what might be considered a dental emergency?

There are many symptoms and some are:

  • If you have experienced an oral injury. This could include the teeth, the jaw or the whole mouth
  • If you have an unbearable pain in your mouth due to any reason
  • If you are experiencing an out of control oral bleeding

Once again, these are the main symptoms and thought might be caused by any of the following causes.

What could cause a dental emergency?

  • A fallen tooth filling could cause a severe pain that you won’t be able to handle using the over the counter painkillers. In this case a temporary filling might be required until the impacted tooth is ready for a permanent filling.
  • A knocked out tooth might cause both pain and bleeding. If the tooth looks in good shape, there is a chance that it would be placed back in its socket by a dentist. This has to be done quickly though. The chances of success gets lower the longer it takes you to reach to a dentist or visiting the emergency department of your local hospital.
  • If you have a broken tooth, this could be, once again, saved if you act fast. Call your emergency dentist immediately if you have a chipped or broken tooth. Sometimes, the broken tooth can not be saved and a dental crown would be required.
  • Inflammation around an impacted tooth, especially if it was a wisdom tooth, might cause pain and could be categorized as a dental emergency.

Do hospitals in Milton have emergency dentists?

Usually yes, however, it is always a good idea to call the hospital before you actually have a dental emergency to make sure that they do have and ER that deals with dental emergency cases.

Be prepared as the boys scouts used to say

Being prepared and being able to see your emergency dentist as early as half an hour could make all the difference between being able to save your tooth or not. Hence, it is recommended that you keep the following items handy just in case an emergency happens and these items are urgently needed:

  • Oral gause.
  • A small sealable container.
  • Ibuprofen (consult with your dentist about that).
  • An emergency dentist near me contact details. This is our number (289) 851-0307 in case you need help. We hope that you won’t use it, however, we suggest that you either save it on your phone or stick a post it note on your fridge with these important contact details just in case.


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    Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you to confirm the appointment.