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Warning signs of oral cancer

What are the signs of oral cancer?

There are various signs that should trigger the alarm bells. One should really be cautious and seek medical advice if the answer to any of these symptoms was “Yes” for more than 14 days:

  • Are you drastically losing weight?
  • Any gums bleeding?
  • Do you have sore spots in your mouth or throat?
  • Do you have difficulty chewing or swallowing food?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties moving your tongue?
  • Do you have any white patches inside your mouth?

Once again, these symptoms do not mean that one has already developed oral cancer; these are signs that should motivate you to visit your dentist to do a proper oral exam and offer a substantiated medical opinion.

What might cause or contribute to developing oral cancer?

Tobacco products would increase the risk of oral cancer. Avoid at all costs. The same applies to alcohol consumption. While it represents less risk, excessive amounts of alcohol would increase the risk.

It has been observed that sexually transmitted disease (HPV) might cause some forms of oral cancer.

Beware that exposure to strong sunlight could impact the lips that could lead to developing types of oral cancer.

While one can’t really do anything about it; the risk of developing oral cancer is positively correlated to age.

Finally, while there is no explanation available for this, males are more subjected to oral cancer than females by a high percentage.

How to minimize the risk of oral cancer?

While this might not necessarily prevent oral cancer, but would certainly help minimize its risk.

Well, start with the obvious. Stop smoking cigarettes or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol if you do. These habits are among the most that might be the reason behind oral cancer.

When you are out and about enjoying a sunny day, don’t forget to use sunscreen to block harmful sun rays.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle would help as well. This would include consuming a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Finally, don’t miss your routine dental checkup. These would help detect cancer as early as possible.

What should you do next?

We highly recommend that you visit your dentist to do a routine oral exam. We welcome you to contact us at Trilliant Dentistry to book an oral exam appointment or any other dental need.


We offer a flexible timing schedule to accommodate our patients’ needs. We also open on Saturdays.


We welcome our new patients with a gift. Please ask about the current new patients’ offer when you visit our clinic for the first time.


For your convenience, we accept multiple forms of payments. We accept cash, major credit cards, debit cards, insurance etc.


You don’t have to go through the pain of processing your insurance claims. We take this burden off your shoulder and process it on your behalf.

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    100 Bronte St. South

    Milton, ON L9T 1Y8

    (289) 851-0307

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    Appointment Booking

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    Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you to confirm the appointment.