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How to get prepared for dental emergencies?

Accidents do happen. You may slip and knock off your tooth, a kid may be knocked down and injure the mouth during a game or may bite too hard that you hurt your tongue or damage a tooth. Just like the common health emergencies, time is key, and the next few steps after the accident may save the tooth, prevent excessive bleeding or lessen the pain.

Here are a few tips on ways to get prepared for a dental emergency.

Prevention is key

If you or a child is taking part in an activity that has the potential to cause an oral accident such as athletics or a football game, it is important that you protect the teeth using a mouthguard. The mouthguard lowers the impact of a force hitting your teeth.

Have first aid items at home

Consider having some first aid items at home to take care of emergencies before the doctor shows up. Some of the essential first aid items include dental wax, ice packs, tweezers, cotton swabs, gauzes, toothbrush, a sealable plastic bag to put all the used swabs, and an oxygenating oral cleanser. You should carry these first aid items when going out for hiking, football, and athletics.

Know your oral health condition

It is essential to keep in mind the status of the oral health of your family members so as to know the kind of emergencies that you are likely to face. For example, if you have a member that has a history of bleeding gums, be prepared for what to do should the gums start bleeding again. Talk to dentists on ways to handle any emergency relating to any of the common oral problems in your family.

Have a dentist's number at hand

Just as many families have a family doctor who they can call when there is a medical emergency, it's important to have a number of a dentist who can attend to an emergency as soon as it happens. Some dental clinics might operate around the clock for emergencies that may occur at night.

Know what to do in an oral emergency

Here are the first aid steps to take during various oral emergencies.
Knocked out tooth: If the tooth is of a baby, preserve it in water, baby's saliva or salt water. If it is yours, try to put it back without touching the root. Then, seek medical attention immediately.

Object stuck between teeth: Try to remove the object using dental floss and then rinse the mouth with water. Do not use a sharp object to remove it.

Broken tooth: Cleanse the injured tooth with an oral antiseptic. Use an oral compress on the face next to the injured area. Cover any sharp edges with tooth wax.

Get help

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100 Bronte St. South

Milton, ON L9T 1Y8

(289) 851-0307

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