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Are dental implants safe for your health?

People with missing teeth are presented with two options: They can either get dentures or have dental implants to fix the problems. The most common implants are comprised of a hardened metal substance, titanium that gets embedded into your jawbone using screws. The titanium roots or anchors your replacement tooth giving you a reason to smile confidently once more.

This post will try to answer some of your questions when it comes to the dental implant.

Healing Time

The implants take at least six months to get properly integrated with your jawbone. It is only after the implant anchors that the patient gets a tooth attached. Implants are preferred over dentures because they are firm and remarkably strong. With dentures possible complications the risk of developing complications after a dental implant surgery is low for the majority of patients. Dental implants is one of the reliable ways to replace missing teeth. To ensure a successful dental implant, your gums, jaws and mouth should be in healthy condition. Here's a list of ideal candidates for a dental implant.

People with missing teeth

  • Patients with jawbones that have reached full growth
  • People with healthy oral tissues
  • If you don't want dentures
  • If you don't have health issues that will affect bone healing
  • If you don't mind waiting for up to six months to heal properly

Bone grafting is recommended for people with soft jawbones or thinned out bones. Grafting serves to reinforce the implants.

Preparing for the surgery

It is essential you prepare yourself properly for the surgical procedure. You need to be mentally prepared for the experience. Before you go with the surgery, you might need to go through the following evaluations as well.

  • A comprehensive dental exam that will include, dental x-rays and 3D imaging
  • A medical examination to map out your medical history

The medical exam allows the surgeon who is going to be working on your implants to learn the drugs you might be allergic to. Additionally, medical experts are able to discern the best treatment plans for patients with pre-existing medical conditions like heart disease. Such information serves to safeguard the patients from possible infections.

Anesthesia Options

To help ease the pain, patients are usually given general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia or they are sedated. The anaesthesia decision is for your dental experts to make.

Find Help

So there you have it; getting dental implants is a perfectly safe practice that has minimal complications and risks. Partner with Trilliant Dentistry dental practitioners and get this procedure to restore your beautiful smile.


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    100 Bronte St. South

    Milton, ON L9T 1Y8

    (289) 851-0307

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    Opening Hours

    Mon & Tue: 10am - 7pm
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    Appointment Booking

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    Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you to confirm the appointment.