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How to get rid of garlic and onion breath?

Onion and garlic are common ingredients used to add flavour to meals. They both have tremendous health benefits, especially garlic which has been in some cases linked reducing risks of certain types of cancer. Unfortunately, as much as they add a distinctive flavour to food, onion and garlic cause bad breath (halitosis) which can last longer if not taken care of. The bad smell in both garlic and onion caused by chemicals containing Sulphur has made some people avoid eating these two vegetables. However, this should not be the case because luckily there are several remedies to get rid of bad breath.

Drink Water

Drinking water stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth glands that helps in removing the bacteria causing bad odour in the mouth. You are required to take at least a glass of water after every meal to wash off onion and garlic remains from between your teeth and tongue.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables to get rid of onion breath

The properties causing oxidation in fruits is also responsible for fighting bad breath caused by garlic and onion. Taking fresh fruits and vegetables with or after a meal may lessen the stench of garlic and onion. Fruits such as pears, grapes, plums, peaches, and cherries serve this purpose. However, researchers highly recommend apples because of the natural enzymes it contains which aid in breaking down Sulphur compounds hence combating the garlic and onion breath. You can either eat the apple or drink its juice.

Drink Milk

Studies show that milk significantly decreases the concentration of compounds in garlic and onion that cause a bad smell. Furthermore, whole milk deodorizes odorous compounds more efficiently than milk which is fat-free. Therefore, when you feel the stench of onion or garlic in your mouth, a glass of milk will reduce the smell.

Brush and Floss

Bacteria causing bad breath are normally found beneath the gum line and in plaque on the teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth after a meal not only reduces bacteria in your mouth but also removes causes of bad breath like food particles and plaque. When brushing, ensure to brush the tongue as well because odours linger there. Flossing and brushing give you a clean and fresh breath.

Chew Gum

If you ate out and your mouth smells garlic or onion breath, chewing minty gums is a quick remedy to freshen your breath. Chewing stimulates the production of saliva that helps wash away food particles and bacteria. The American Dental Association recommends chewing sugar-free gum for roughly 20 minutes after meals as it reduces the risk of tooth decay. The gum also masks the garlic odour.

Swish with Mouthwash

The stench of garlic and onions usually linger for hours in the mouth, countering the bad odour with something with a strong pleasant smell can help cover up the bad smell. For instance, using a strongly scented mouthwash preferably with peppermint. Researchers suggest using a mouthwash that contains chloride dioxide because of its effectiveness in removing bacteria, plaque, and tiny food particles. Swishing with mouthwash eliminates bad breath instantly.

Drink Green Tea

Having green tea after a meal containing garlic may help you get rid of onion breath and genrally cover bad smell from the mouth. This is because green tea encompasses plant chemicals that neutralize Sulphur compounds in onions and garlic hence combating bad breath.

Finally, bad breath caused by garlic and onions is mostly causing embarrassment, however, it does not have to last for long because there are several remedies to combat it. Practising correct oral hygiene, taking fresh fruits and vegetables, taking green tea among others are some simple remedies to bad breath. If one option fails to work for you, try all the others one at a time until you find one that works best for you. In case none of these options works, seek professional assistance from a milton dentist, contact Trilliant Dentistry if you need help.


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