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How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

Good oral care is essential for clean, strong teeth and healthy gums. Poor oral health can lead to low self-esteem and health complications. For instance, an infection in your mouth maybe a sign to a life-threatening condition or a cause to some other illness.

Here is how your oral health might affect your overall health:

Mouth Infections can lead to other conditions

Bacteria in the mouth has been found to contribute to other diseases in the body. Some of the most common oral-health-related complications include:

Premature births

Doctors have found a link between low birth weight, premature birth, and periodontitis; an inflammation of structure supporting teeth and gum. Furthermore, research has established that over 18% of women with severe gum disease end up having children with low birth weight, experiences early labour and in extreme cases, stillbirths.


This is an infection of endocardium; the inner lining of the heart. The condition happens when bacteria from other parts of the body especially the mouth travel through the bloodstream and get attached to a damaged part of the heart.

Cardiovascular disease

Research shows that there is a link between the infections caused by oral bacteria and cardiovascular conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and clogged arteries.


People who suffer from poor oral health, discoloured teeth, and bad breath may have problems interacting with others. Such people are afraid to talk or get too close to the others due to the noticeable problems. If the problems are not solved in good time, the patients could have challenge socializing, working as a part of a team and in severe cases, depression.


It has been found that chronic gum problems may, in fact, cause insulin resistance making it hard for the body to control sugar levels. Therefore, it is important for diabetes patients to have regular oral checkups.

The mouth may be a source of infection

The mouth is an entry point to the body. Not only can bacteria and other germs be introduced by what you eat, but also poor oral care creates a favourable environment for the growth of bacteria. These bacteria later find their way to the bloodstream and cause health complications.
Moreover, some medications disrupt the normal balance of bacteria in the mouth. This compromises the mouth defences such as saliva which in turn leads to the growth of harmful bacteria in large numbers.

In conclusion

It is important to seek medical assistance when you have an oral problem. Additionally, exercise oral hygiene to lower chances of catching an oral infection. Contact Trilliant Dentistry for assistance, checkups and treatment of oral health issues.


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100 Bronte St. South

Milton, ON L9T 1Y8

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