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How to handle teething rash?

Since the age of 6 months when babies start teething; they will start feeling all consequential symptoms that accompany teething such as drooling that irritate the baby's sensitive skin. The irritation causes rashes known as a teething rash. The teething rash is caused by saliva, food bits sticking on the neck and wetness that irritate the baby's skin due to cuddling and playing. A baby begins to drool at 4 months of age when the initial signs of teething begin showing. The drooling can take up to the first two years of their life until all their teeth show up. However, rashes do not determine how fast the first tooth will appear. The rashes appear anywhere but most common on the neck, chin, chest, and cheeks.

Signs and Symptoms of Drooling

The rashes are visible. However, if your baby is a pacifier user, the rashes might appear anywhere the pacifier touches because of the drool. Some common symptoms of teething rash include:

  • Red patches with tiny bumps on the rashes
  • The skin appears flat or a little bit raised
  • Continuous drooling causing redness on the baby's skin

The teething rash is different from other rashes because they keep appearing and disappearing over time.

Visiting a Doctor for Treatment

The teething rash is sometimes confused with measles or any other common skin sickness. While they cause high fever and make a child look ill, the teething rash does not cause fever. It is important to distinguish teething rash from other potential condition. Many baby rashes are not serious, however, depending on the way a child reacts, contact a pediatrician. If the drool rash is bleeding, cracked, leaking fluid, and developing fever, then visit a doctor immediately. Doctors should occasionally check the child's gum to examine teething development.

Managing Teeth Rashes at Home

Most rashes are manageable at home. One of the most effective ways of treating a rash is keeping it dry and clean. You can apply a healing balm on the skin to fasten the healing process. Some creams like Emollient creams offer a barrier to water to prevent it from dampness. This reduces the irritation on the baby's skin. Other products include Vaseline, Aquaphor, and Lansinoh lanolin cream. Other natural products with some beeswax may also provide similar protection. Avoid using a lotion with fragrance as it will irritate the skin.
If you are using the emollient cream, dry the skin and apply the emollient cream immediately. As a way of remembering, you can associate the process with diaper change time.

Preventing Teeth Rash

Teeth rash is preventable. Drooling is an immune response hence impossible to control however, you can help your child's skin experience less irritation by keeping the skin dry and clean. When doing this, keep cleaning cloth close just in case of drooling. You can also put a bib around the child's neck and change frequently. Also, dab the skin so that it will not irritate the skin.


In conclusion, handling teeth rash is easy but exercising hygiene and cleanliness should be observed. For more information ask your dental hygienist for advice on your next visit to Trilliant Dentistry.


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