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Why you should scrape your tongue?

Tongue scraping is highly recommended for the prevention of halitosis or having foul mouth odour. The process involves the use of small plastic or metal tool with rounded edges to scrape off the bacteria and other food particles on this vital body organ.

Additionally, you risk getting all sorts of unwanted respiratory disorders due the more you delay scraping your tongue. The respiratory conditions will ensue once the accumulated bacteria travel to the back of your oral cavity and into the respiratory tract.

It is important to stress that, scraping should not be viewed as a replacement for brushing; it's just a complementary practice to ensure excellent oral hygiene.

Here are the main benefits of regularly scraping your tongue:

1. Improved Sense of Taste & Appearance

People who scrape their tongues on a daily basis have been proven to have a heightened sense of taste. The scraping helps to remove the unwanted materials which often coat your tongue and you are able to clearly distinguish the sensations of bitterness, sweetness, saltiness and sourness.

People who scrape often have pinkish looking tongues. That's as opposed to those who don't partake in this healthy practice. The latter's tongue appears whitish with a coated look.

2. Bacteria Removal

The primary goal of tongue scraping is to remove the excess bacteria that accumulate on the organ's surfaces. Medical research has shown that if you scrape twice per day for a week, you reduce the incidences of Lactobacilli and streptococci bacteria significantly. These bacterial strains are responsible for the onset and formation of tooth decay and halitosis.

3. Improved Health

Oral hygiene plays an important role in defining your overall body health. If you fail to take proper care of your oral cavity, you are at a pronounced risk of developing a myriad of health anomalies. Scrape daily to reduce the incidences of developing teeth cavities, gum diseases and a whole range of other adverse conditions.

4. Prevents Halitosis

There's nothing as shaming and demoralizing as having bad breath. People with bad breath have lowered self-esteem and confidence. That condition prevents them from freely socializing and interacting with others, be it at the workplace or in their personal circles. Don't let your bad breath deny you the opportunity to interact and possibly connect with people you like and enjoy spending time with; start scraping right away.

Scraping is quite a straightforward process

  • Get a rounded item to resemble a spoon to perform this healthy practice
  • Place the scraper at the back of your tongue and move it gradually towards the tip of your tongue. Remove the collected debris on the scraper
  • Repeat the process for a few times until the collected debris is almost negligible
  • Rinse and wash your oral cavity
  • Clean your scraper with soapy or warm water and store it in a clean place

Get Help

If you need to check your oral health, contact Trilliant Dentistry for comprehensive oral health solutions. Partner up with the dental firm for assistance with tongue scraping among other pertinent oral hygiene concerns. Trilliant Dentistry is home to a team of vastly experienced dental practitioners to ensure you always have that beautiful and confident smile.


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