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Announcement to Our Valued Patients and Milton Community

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons has notified us to SUSPEND all non-essential, non-emergency dental treatments until further notice. Therefore, we have decided to suspend our regular operations until further notice.

If you have an upcoming appointment, one of our team members has, most likely, reached out to reschedule it. If we couldn’t reach you for any reason, please note that all coming appointments, till the 2nd June, have been canceled. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us via email. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A DENTAL EMERGENCY PLEASE KINDLY CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT 289-851-0307 AND AN APPOINTMENT WILL BE MADE IN ORDER TO ADDRESS YOUR SITUATION.

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of our patients and team members is of most importance to us. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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Trilliant Dentistry - Your Local Milton Dentist

Trilliant Dentistry is a local Milton dentist office. We offer cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, periodontic and many other general dentistry services.

Our dentists and all other team members would do their best to offer you a high quality dental service. We are confident that you would feel this from the first time you visit our dental clinic. You can also see this in the appreciation kind words of our patients.


Caring Staff

Our dentists and other team members would make you feel at home. They will take care of the fear factor normally associated with dental offices.

Modern Equipment

We are determined to deliver our dental services using modern equipment. As a result, high quality dental care is delivered to our patients.

Welcoming Office

A nice and cozy dental office would certainly make the trip to the dentist easier. Moreover, let your children play with toys in our kids’ corner.

Dental Implants
A Dental Implant is a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth. Basically, a screw is implanted within the jawbone. The screw is then covered with a dental crown.

Crowns, Bridges & Dentures
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed on top of the tooth to restore it. We can use a bridge if more than one tooth is missing. Sometimes a denture would be installed to restore a group of missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening refers to lightening teeth by removing stains and discolouration. Therefore, teeth whitening includes dental restoration of natural tooth shade.

Invisalign Treatment
Invisalign is a modern ortho treatment method. Since the aligner is transparent, it is sometimes called the invisible braces. It is also comfortable since they can be easily removed.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
To avoid dental complications, your infected wisdom tooth would likely be removed. Wisdom tooth could be painful and extraction could be a good thing.

Children Dentistry
Children should visit a dentist by the age of one, or within six months after which the first tooth erupts and continues through childhood to teen years.

Root Canal Therapy
Oral bacteria is the primary cause of tooth infection. It invades chipped, cracked, and decayed tooth and cause inflammation. Hence, Root canal therapy would be required.

Dental Veneers
Dental veneer is a thin ceramic layer or shell that is placed over your tooth to improve its aesthetics. Veneer is a form of cosmetic dentistry. Also, the tooth could use a veneer to become stronger.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a life-threatening sleep disorder characterized by difficulties in breathing. This means, one may experience shallow breaths or occasional pauses in breathing.
We Love Our Patients

They Love Us Back

Duraid AL Grebawi

5 Stars Rating

Its been over a year now I’ve been visiting Trilliant Dentistry, my experience is by far the best. I’ve been around and seen so many dentists and clinics, Trilliant Dentistry staff are the best I’ve seen. ***Staff is professional, kind and caring*** Had my best experience from every perspective; hygiene, honesty and most of all professionally sound clinical opinion. They do their best to provide the best service at a very reasonable pricing and then more. I highly recommend them. 👏👏👏

Alyssa Millman

5 Stars Rating

Dr. Rana and her team are very professional and caring individuals who truly have your best interests at heart. Their office is accessible, very clean and visually stunning. This office caters well to all ages. This is the perfect dental office for both families and individuals. The technological advancements this office provides are second to none - I can't say that I can watch Netflix while having my teeth cleaned at any other office!

Sorin T

5 Stars Rating

Very professional staff ,high tech and state of the art equipment. The feeling you get when you walk inside is the feeling of a very professional environment. The staff is super friendly and professional. I was able to be accommodated for a service with very little notice . Once I arrived for my first ever appointment, I knew right away that this is the place for me. I recommend Trilliant to anybody who needs any Dental Services.


A flexible timing schedule is available to accommodate our patients’ needs. Our dental office also opens on Saturdays.


New patients are usually welcomed with a gift. Please ask about the current new patients’ offers when you visit our clinic for the first time.


For your convenience, we accept multiple forms of payments. Cash, major credit cards, debit cards, insurance etc. are all accepted.


You don’t have to go through the pain of processing your insurance claims. We take this burden off your shoulder and process it on your behalf.

Our Experienced & Welcoming Team of Milton Dentists

Photo of Dr. Rana Mahmoud of Trilliant Dentistry

Dr. Rana Mahmoud

Photo of Dr Firas Khekani

Dr. Firas Khekani

photo of Dr. Gokhan Shevket

Dr. Gokhan Shevket

photo of dr Zainab Baghdadi of trilliant dentistry

Dr. Zainab Baghdadi

Photo of Hasina from Trilliant Dentistry
Dental Assistant

Hasina Mahboob

Photo of Andrea from Trilliant Dentistry
Office Manager

Andrea Millman

photo of Marianne from Trilliant Dentistry
Dental Hygienist



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100 Bronte St. South

Milton, ON L9T 1Y8

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